I Jackson Pollocked My Boots! – Weird Wednesday

This is a short one sharing a video of my having splattered my work boots painting the floor in a vaguely Jackson Pollock style. The bizarre swirling background noise came from tweaking a piece of music Continue reading “I Jackson Pollocked My Boots! – Weird Wednesday”

Keep Talking – Weird Wednesday

This one came about a while ago after reading that time that Facebook shut down two artificial intelligence’s that appeared to be chatting to each other in a strange language only they understood.

Continue reading “Keep Talking – Weird Wednesday”

Raising The Flag Of Commerce – Collage Of The Week

This is another one that I also did a video for, and whenever I create a new merchandise store it’s pretty much the first graphic I use.

There is something about this piece, it’s not so open to interpretation, is says what it is, which is what is needed for this particular statement. Continue reading “Raising The Flag Of Commerce – Collage Of The Week”

Endless Nameless – Collage Of The Week.

Accompanying this post is a video that I created when I had the idea of youtubing my artwork to discuss and promote it, I’ve put that idea on hold for a bit, but I thought I should still make use of the resource that is still there, and here I will add a little to what I already said.
The title of this piece, Endless Nameless is based on the title of the noise track by Nirvana at the end of the cd of the Nevermind album, and the b -side to the single of Come As You Are. Continue reading “Endless Nameless – Collage Of The Week.”