Endless Nameless – Collage Of The Week.

Accompanying this post is a video that I created when I had the idea of youtubing my artwork to discuss and promote it, I’ve put that idea on hold for a bit, but I thought I should still make use of the resource that is still there, and here I will add a little to what I already said.
The title of this piece, Endless Nameless is based on the title of the noise track by Nirvana at the end of the cd of the Nevermind album, and the b -side to the single of Come As You Are. This is where I first heard the track
when I put it on a jukebox (remember those?) at a working man’s club, freaking the hell out of everyone else in the room, which pleased me immensely. The Nirvana inspiration came from this being artwork I put together for a proposed Kurt Cobain tribute gig.
As I’ve said, the bar codes come from music magazines, mostly NME and Melody Makers, and the electric pulse images were from the review pages of Kerrang magazine.
It’s hard to believe that this piece is now 25 years old, and marks the beginning of my becoming serious about creating collage art.

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