No More Fast Food – Collage Of The Week

An early piece where the two elements came together perfectly from the same issue of National Geographic (always a collagist’s dream magazine!)

The title came about after I put the hands and sandwich in place. It was originally named for a certain particular fast-food joint ( I think it’s a bit ambitous for these places to call themselves restaurants), however to their litigious nature

There is a slight tear in the original from removing the page from the magazine (this was an early piece before I cut the pages out properly), which I tried to fix with sticky tape on the back, which is why you see that murky shape where the adhesive has seeped through ( thank god for airbrushing in Photoshop).

There is also a collage of the week video where I explain more about this piece and it is available as prints and tees though my redbubble store amongst others.  You can also find it in my collage art page.

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