Raising The Flag Of Commerce – Collage Of The Week

This is another one that I also did a video for, and whenever I create a new merchandise store it’s pretty much the first graphic I use.

There is something about this piece, it’s not so open to interpretation, is says what it is, which is what is needed for this particular statement. War makes unscrupulous people rich.

The main body of the piece is from of course the soldiers raising the flag on the island of Iwo Jima as photographed by a scalpel and glue stick and me drawing some sharing and touch-ups. The green was added in digitally, I have also created a punk zine version to look like it has been photocopied a few times for my Redbubble store.

This piece is a personal favourite of mine, hence why I use it so often, including in my first book of my artwork “Art Pirate” available through Amazon.

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